Jeep Baja                                   "It's the Journey"

The first time. John and I built our buggies over the previous year in our garage. Lots of sweat, beer and some moola. We, with Al, left on the afternoon in August 1974 in an old long bed pickup with John's shorty in the bed, and towing mine behind with someone’s license plate. Crossed the border the next day and we were off.  Dropped my tool box on the first hill on 1, but retrieved them all.

Made it to Ensenada, and woke up our first morning on the adventure of our lives… the county dump. The D9’s working woke us up.

Across to San Felipe, a very small town then and camped at Pee Wee Camp for a few days.  We stopped at the local store to pick up some beer. On the steps was the local police with a prisoner in tow, and both were sipping a cold one.  The owners left us in charge as they traveled to have their baby.

Left there and made it about 10 miles towards Puertocitos, and we had our first breakage…..more

Spent a weekend in San Ignacio. Had some great steak rancheros at a restaurant on the plaza, and on Sunday got thrown out of town for swimming in the logoon, which was there fresh water source.

Traveled onto LaPaz since my tranny liked 2cd gear only. While there we dropped the motor and tranny, and replaced the shifting fork in the sand parking lot of the only VW dealership in Sur Baja J

Then on to the Weavers house in east cape. We snorkeled, john speared a puffer fish. We went deep sea fishing John caught a 350pd black marlin and All and I caught a couple of Dorado.

We also heard about a local town having a fiesta, which we travel too one night. We were a real hit as the only gringos there and with John and Al’s special after shave we had to fend off the girls.

Then spent 2 days driving all the way back to San Diego.

1974 2 dune buggies and Juan, Al, and Pablo.